Regular Semester Teaching

Teaching Assistantship, SUNY: Stony Brook University, Department of Mathematics, 2020

I have been continuously working as a teaching assistant for the Mathematics Department at Stony Brook University during regular semesters since the start of my doctoral studies (Fall 2015). My duties consist of a combination of some or all of the following, depending on the course.

  • Leading recitations,
  • Grading,
  • Proctoring examinations,
  • Producing solutions for homeworks and/or examinations,
  • Holding office hours,
  • Weekly one-on-one tutoring at the Mathematics Learning Center.

In addition to my duties listed above, I also held review sessions for my students numerous times outside of lectures and/or recitations in order to help maximize their chances at scoring better on their tests.

I have been a teaching assistant for the following courses.

Courses with recitations:

Courses without recitations:

TA Feedback highlights:

Each semester, students are asked to submit evaluations of their teachers which can then be accessed through or Unfortunately, it is not very common that students submit the latter, and occasionally, some of the reviews meant for the TAs are mixed with those meant for the main instructor, and vice versa. Particularly, the letter grades they are asked to assign are often assigned to the course as a whole rather than a specific recitation. Quantitatively, my key letter grade has been mostly “A” over the semesters. The students are asked three questions for the qualitative assessment:

  • What is your reason for taking this course?
  • What, if anything, did you find most valuable about this course?
  • In what ways, if any, could the course be improved?

Below, I collect some quoted feedback which is not generic and speaks to my teaching abilities, my teaching style and my personality as a teacher – from the perspectives of the students.

  • Fall 2015:
    • What, if anything, did you find most valuable about this course?
      • “El Mehdi is very good at explaining various topics encompassed by Calculus 3. He made sure that we thoroughly understood each topic. Additionally, he held multiple reviews that my fellow classmates and me found useful.”
      • “El Medhi is a great TA: hilarious, incredibly smart, and very helpful. If you are gonna take MAT 203 definitely try to get him as you will be entertained and learn a lot at the same time.”
    • In what ways, if any, could the course be improved?
      • “More time with El Mehdi”
  • Fall 2017:
    • What, if anything, did you find most valuable about this course?
      • “[…] he is great at teaching and funny”
      • “Incredible TA. He made the class so much easier to understand […]. He was succinct, intelligent, and humorous which made him easier to listen to.”
      • “Usually, I struggle in math, but this course definitely improved my math. The recitation teacher helped me understand the concepts and theory behind the calculus presented in the course.”
      • “Knows his stuff.”
  • Spring 2018:
    • What, if anything, did you find most valuable about this course?
      • “He was very good at explaining things and engaging the class.”
      • “El mehdi is a great instructor, has a lot of knowledge in the course and just math in general. Pushes the students to do as best as they can, and has good recommendations on how to study and do well in the course. He is also very willing to help you individually or as a group.”
      • “This TA is incredible”
      • “The TA, El-Mehdi, was a remarkable TA. From the first day, he announced that he would not simply lecture but needed constant feedback from the students to assess our understanding throughout his explanation, and he followed through with this throughout the semester. He even only covered questions/problems that students asked, rather than prepare some beforehand. I found this style of teaching really helpful and the explanations were very thorough and clear. He kept us very engaged and the class was both beneficial and a friendly environment. He was also easy to approach with questions outside of class and encouraged us to contact him. Overall it was a pleasure to have him as a TA and a good experience.”
  • Fall 2018:
    • What, if anything, did you find most valuable about this course?
      • “extra practice and explanation of the lecture”
      • “El Mehdi was great. Calc II was my fourth math class here at SBU and he was by far my best TA. Extremely good at teaching the material, caring, and very very helpful! Made the initiative to get to know students. I did very poorly in this class because I gave up, by I still maintain that El Mehdi is the best TA I’ve ever had.”
      • “The teacher is really nice, says jokes to make the class more fun and he is really good at math and at teaching them to us.”