Della Pietra High School Applied Math Program

High-School Program, Institute for STEM Education, Stony Brook University, 2019

I have also been selected by David Kahn to be an instructor for the Della Pietra High School Applied Math Program. Below, you can find the contents of the mini-courses that I taught, with a breakdown of the topics for each lecture.

Falls 2019 & 2020 – A Computer-Assisted Immersion into Logic

For this semester, I taught a hands-on course on logic, language and proof. We used the LPL software to explore interesting applications of logic in a computer-assisted setting. The focus was on formal logic rather an informal logic.

Day 1

Introduction to propositional calculus: atomic sentences and their logic, and boolean connectives and their logic. In order to solidify the learning of these notions, we will be using Tarski’s World for a visual understanding.

Day 2

More about logical connectives with an introduction to conditionals and logical equivalence, and more about truth tables. This time, we will be using the Boole software for a step-by-step appreciation of truth tables and their usefulness.

Day 3

Introduction to formal proofs: methods of proofs for Boolean logic, formal proofs and boolean logic. This time, we will be using the Fitch software for a concrete understanding of the Fitch proof system.