Student Differential Geometry Seminar — Fall 2020: Special and General Relativity


Meeting times



Welcome to the webpage for the Fall 2020 iteration of the SDGS! This semester, we will be covering Special and General Relativity. The seminar shouldn’t require any prerequisite knowledge. By the end of it, you should have all the background material necessary for the Spring semester topics course on Mathematical General Relativity by Marcus Khuri.

In particular, the first talk will be on the history of Special Relativity. Going from light as a wave moving through the Aether, to the speed of light being constant and the derivation of Lorentz transformations. The next few weeks will be on Special Relativity and the classic “paradox” inducing thought experiments. After that we start with General Relativity. The last half to a third of the seminar will be entirely on understanding Schwarzchild blackhole metric.

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Tentative schedule

SpeakerDateTopicZoom RecordingAdditional Content
Jordan Rainone08/31/2020Brief History of Special RelativityClick here. Passcode: jYS3##@y 
Joshua R. Leeman09/14/2020Classical Physics & EMClick here. Passcode: GMPPR2?7 
Matthew Dannenberg09/21/2020“Paradoxes” of Special RelativityClick here. Passcode: 5wmd!7tw 
Lisandra Hernandez09/28/2020A Crash Course in Riemannian GeometryClick here. Passcode: 1BZE1u=v 
Paul Sweeney10/05/2020Lorentzian GeometryClick here. Passcode: 3c#9aDAK 
Jordan Rainone10/12/2020Deriving the Einstein EquationsClick here. Passcode: *4Fgj?N1 
Yeorgia Kafkoulis10/19/2020A brief introduction to cosmology and the Friedmann-Robertson-Walker Cosmological ModelClick here. Passcode: !q1Vv=F4 
Jared Krandel10/26/2020Derivation of the Schwarzschild metricClick here. Passcode: 7jt#m9?k) 
Dan Brogan11/02/2020Schwarzschild GeodesicsClick here. Passcode: .h0&28X5 
Mohamad Rabah11/09/2020Penrose Diagrams & Kruskal CoordinatesClick here. Passcode: z2RYt$E7References: Lecture Notes – 5.6 & 5.7 in Sean Carroll’s “Spacetime and Geometry” – Pages 386 - 395 in O’Neill’s “Semi Riemannian Geometry” – 11.4 in Choquet Bruhat’s “General Relativity”
Joshua Leeman11/16/2020Falling into a BlackholeClick here. Passcode: 0Gmc*LEcAdditional Content: Journey into a Schwarzschild black hole.
Paul Sweeney11/30/2020Rotating BlackholesClick here. Passcode: .q7iGUe8 
Marcus Khuri12/07/2020Shape of the UniverseClick here. Passcode: G?0!s?LL